Leonardo’s take on climate change

http://www.indiewire.com/2016/10/before-the-flood-leonardo-dicaprio-climate-change-fisher-stevens-national-geographic-channel-1201741815/national geographic, leonardo dicaprio, before the flood, youtube, twitter

Leonardo did a documentary on climate change and what the people can do to stop the changes. Not only is it affecting humans but it is affecting the animals, earth, our food supply and other countries. In Leonardo’s documentary he travels the world to tackle climate change; it affects the poor countries more because of the lack of food supply and water. Please feel free to watch the video free of charge until November 6th.


Air drying my hair

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We all like waking up feeling refreshed and ready to start our day. So the first thing we do is brush our teeth and hop in the shower to wash our hair and body. We’re not going to walk out the door with wet hair so we use the blow dryer. Every time we use the blow dryer it can burn energy and pollute the air in our homes, especially if you have it on high heat.  Appliance account for 15% of your total energy consumption and a hair dryer can be a big part of it. Believe it or not hair dryers leave a carbon foot print. I like to look good and my hair have to be in place at all times. It’s difficult for women because looking good makes us happy. I want to reduce my blow drying my hair from 4 times a month to 2 times out the month. I want to contribute to the environment in every way. In fact, the amount of watt energy a blow dryer uses in just one hour is higher than some of our most standard household appliances.

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Bringing my own coffee

It’s been a month now since I started the challenge of bringing in my own coffee to work. I use to spend at least $21 bucks a week on coffee. Monthly that’s $84 bucks and $1008 dollars yearly. That’s a bit expensive and I can use that money for other things. I purchased a pound of coffee from Trader Joes for $8 bucks and I still have more left over. I don’t have the urge to spend money on coffee because my own and I save energy by using a french style coffee presser.


I included a link that can provide us with some tips on how to save money drinking coffee.